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Monday, May 23, 2016

Nossa. I cant email how INSANE this week was. If you´ve been keeping up with the email and ,I know quite a few of you have written me about this golden couple, you´ll know that Catia and Valdeon not only got MARRIED, but also got BAPTIZED! Gente... it was the most beautiful week. I had to apply makeup more than once so that was a little sad but other than that, I dont think I´ve ever cried so many happy tears in my life.

The Wedding: So around 3pm, Bishop´and his wife picked us up and we went over to see Catia and Valdeon. And Valdeon had bought THE FANCIEST suit. Like a really nice grey pinstripe suit. Like the one dad has that makes him look like a gangsta.  And of course Catia made her dress. Correction. She made her dress, decided at 3AM THE NIGHT BEFORE that she didnt like it then worked until 6 AM THAT MORNING to do another one. And it was blue. But hey, every woman to herself. And half of our ward all caravaned over to the Cartorio. I dont know what that is in English... but here you have to get married in this like court in order for it to be legal. So all the members have to be married in the court before they can marry in the temple.Anyways so they had theis very cheesey but adorable ceremony. I cried. And my Bishop said "You´re a strong sister but I knew you had emotions inside". Sounded like something Monica would say to me LOL. Then we had this cute recpetion at the chapel and Bishop bought them a cake and little snacks. Ugh, it was perfect. AND THEY WERE JUST GLOWING.

Baptism: I just wish all of you could have been there. Sister Jackson and I put everything perfectly together so that all would go well. AND BOY DID IT. Catia and Valdeon were the cutest in white suits. I´ve never seen a couple more prepared for following their Savior 110% like them. Bishop baptized them and each squeezed him immediately after. After, Sister Jackson played the flute for everyone after (shes crazy gooood) and Catia was just bawling. Then as I went to hug Catia, she just kept whispering "obrigada, obrigada" over and over. It means "thank you, thank you". And all i could say over my crying (YES AGAIN), was " Não, e O Senhor" or "No, its the Lord". The following Sunday, they were confirmed as members and recieved the Holy Ghost. Each of them turned to us in church and said I feel so different.

Long story short, it was an amazing week. One I´ll never forget; with a couple I have come to love with my whole heart. I love the mission. I love the people I´m meeting here. Our ward IS AMAZING. We have about 4 recently returned RMs that love helping us. They were all Elders so that means they have alot of pep in their step about baptizing the whole world. I think its a Brazilian thing. Im so happy to be where I am. Coming up on 5 months, I just want the time to pass more slowly and be everything the Lord wants me to be.
Sister Myers


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